Yung Miami’s BMF Scene Hilariously Reenacted By Fan, Miami Reacts

People still make fun of Yung Miami’s acting skills after her debut on BMF. And the City Girls rapper seems to take it head on.

On Friday, March 10, TikTok user @jrdnsohllywd posted a video hilariously recreating Yung Miami’s deadpan performance on the popular Starz TV show. BMF. In @jrdnsohllywd’s fun clip, user mimics how emotionless Miami was inside her BMF scene as Deanna Washington after finding out her husband had been killed.

In the BMF Scene that has since gone viral (see below), the character of Big Meech meets with Washington to inform him of the death of her husband. Yung Miami’s character begins to cry before lashing out at Meech and slapping him. But for fans watching the show, many thought Miami’s acting skills were anything but stellar.

Nonetheless, Caresha is poking fun at some of the mean memes and comments that have surfaced on social media regarding her acting skills. As for @jrdnsohllywd’s viral TikTok video, she thought it was hilarious.

“Man I’m crying,” she tweeted along with two loudly crying face emojis.

On Twitter, people are still unimpressed with the “Act up” rapper as a comedian.

“Every week BMF is so close to making a good episode. Then they decide they want to get awkward and do things like ask Yung Miami to act [smiling with face open emoji]“, one person tweeted.

Another fan wrote, “The acting in BMF was poor but Yung Miami just made it horrible.”

But one person supported Yung Miami’s acting debut on BMF.

“Y’all some hate that Yung Miami’s scene wasn’t that bad it was his acting debut [100 emoji] what you wanted her to do,” he tweeted.

It looks like Yung Miami isn’t letting criticism of her acting skills bother her.

Watch fan hilariously replay Yung Miami’s BMF scene below

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