Tom Schwartz Sings Karaoke in LA Amid Tom Sandoval Affair Drama


Tom Schwartz

Beltin’ Out Tunes for karaoke…

What “scandoval” drama ???

Tom Schwartz didn’t show too much concern about the outrage aroused Tom Sandovalis a connection with Rachel Leviss — which makes this performance by Green Day all the more disturbing.

Witnesses tell TMZ … Schwartz was with friends at The Oaks Tavern in Sherman Oaks for karaoke – showing the crowd his version of the Green Day hit, “Brain Stew.”

We’re told he took the tab from his group on Wednesday night. It’s unclear how long Schwartz and the gang stayed out, but we’re told Sandoval was definitely not present.

It seems like Schwartz isn’t that fazed by what’s going on with his best friend right now…but he should be if you ask the former “Vanderpump Rules” cast member. Kristen Doubted.

Scheananigans with Scheana Shay/Dear Media

As we reported, Kristen – who dated Sandoval years ago – completely dragged Schwartz calling him “f****** p****” for keeping quiet about his friend’s affair. She claims he expressed his concern in texts, but she thinks public actions speak louder.

BTW, Schwartz and Raquel were also briefly an item, having kissed during the show’s current season…so there’s a bit more drama involved.

Schwartz was mum on the cheating case – until Saturday, that is… when he sitting on the fence who to show their allegiance to…eventually throw up their hands and chalk it up to major disappointment.


No apologies from him on the video, but he should seriously consider apologizing for his portrayal of Green Day. Ouch!

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