The Batman Series Has a Surprising New Home After HBO’s Cancellation

The Batman Series Has a Surprising New Home After HBO’s Cancellation

Batman: The Caped Crusader has been canceled by Warner Bros. Discovery, and it will now air for two seasons on Amazon Prime.

Batman: Crusader Caped

Last year, HBO Max participated in many shows following the merger of Warner Bros. with Discovery. In addition to canceling a host of established series like Westworld And Naughtythe streamer scrapped several shows that hadn’t even been created yet, including one produced by JJ Abrams and Matt Reeves Batman: Crusader Caped. Fortunately, Variety recently confirmed that the anime series has found a new home on Amazon.

First announced in May 2021, Batman: Crusader Caped was ordered to series on HBO Max in May 2021. Created by Bruce Timm, alongside executive producers Abrams and Reeves, the animated show was canceled last August as part of an effort by Warner Bros. Discovery to reduce costs. Five other upcoming animation projects also received the ax, including Did I Do This for the Holidays: A Story by Steve Urkel, The Day the Earth Exploded: A Looney Tunes Movie, Merry little Batman, Bye Bye Bunny: A Looney Tunes MusicalAnd The Amazing World of Gumball: The Movie.

Fortunately, Amazon, apparently in talks to have Michael B. Jordan bring the Creed universe on the small screen with their Prime streaming service, saw the potential in Batman: Crusader Caped, as are several other streamers. While Netflix, Hulu, and Apple have shown interest in possibly picking up the series after it was removed from HBO Max, Amazon finally secured the rights to the cartoon. The streamer has reportedly ordered two seasons of the animated series, which is described as “a reimagining of Batman mythology.”

The next series seems to rely on Batman: The Animated Series, created by Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski. The hit cartoon aired on Fox Kids for 85 episodes in the early 90s. Based on the beloved DC character created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger, Batman: Crusader Caped comes from Warner Bros. Animation, of the Abrams Bad Robot Banner and Reeves’ 6e & Idaho production company.

For the moment, we do not know when Batman: Crusader Caped will premiere on Amazon Prime. Additionally, who will voice DC’s iconic superhero in the upcoming animated series is unclear. Renowned voice actor Kevin Conroy was originally attached to voice the character, but he tragically passed away last November after a battle with cancer.

While we wait Batman: Crusader Caped coming to Amazon Prime, Matt Reeves and JJ Abrams have several projects in development that we’re looking forward to. Reeves is working hard on Batman Part 2and the spin-off series directed by Collin Farrell The Penguin for HBO Max. Meanwhile, Abrams is wrapping up his next sci-fi drama Aporiaand begin production on countless other projects.

In 2019, Warner Bros. signed Abrams to an overall deal worth $250 million, however, that deal did not result in any new movies or shows being released. At some point, the Star Trek: Into the Darkness the director has been attached as a producer on several DC titles, including Constantine 2an untitled Superman project, ZatannaAnd Justice League Dark. Since James Gunn and Peter Safran named co-heads of newly formed DC studios, it’s unclear if any of Abrams’ projects are still moving forward at Warner Bros. Discovery.

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