Graphic on online giving…This is amazing!!!

Mashable has this graphic which is astonishing.  I hope some future information will report on the costs that can be associated with these gifts but whatever they are, I suspect they are small relative to the receipts.

Pay particular attention to:

1.  The average gift (much higher than I would have guessed).

2.  The age groups of the donors.

Electric Grid Is Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks – Siobhan Gorman on


Computer networks controlling the electric grid are plagued with security holes that could allow intruders to redirect power delivery and steal data, the Energy Department warned in a recent report.

Many of the security vulnerabilities are strikingly basic and fixable problems, including a failure to install software security patches or poor password management. Many of the fixes would be inexpensive, according to the Idaho National Lab, an Energy Department facility that conducted the study.

via Electric Grid Is Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks –

Siobhan Gorman is my favorite reporter on national security (actually, she may just be my favorite reporter on anything as I’ve followed her work since she reported on education for National Journal, some years ago).  She writes well, gets to the point, and does not carry water for anyone or any interest.  When you think of the costs incurred to keep anyone with a bomb off an airplane and then read about the vulnerabilities of the electric grid, you get a sense of how important good reporting is to pushing the government to take action.