American citizen deported with father involved in murder investigation to save Border Patrol $200?

U.S. Supreme Court
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A valued friend has suggested I write more of my own thoughts on this blog and use less from other sources.  I think I agree but just as I’m thinking about some of the topics I’d like to take up, something like this appears in the New York Times and I wonder how much I can ever say that is as important as ensuring stories like this get the added “oomph” of the blogosphere.

Is there some training program for intelligence and police agencies of the government that teaches them to ignore the fact of American citizenship in dealing with people?  While you’re thinking about that, what would you bet on this being heard by the current Supreme Court and the lower courts being reversed?

Here’s the story, bad enough in itself but there are others too (including presidentially sanctioned targeting of a citizen for assassination):

Family Fight, Border Patrol Raid, Baby Deported
Published: September 20, 2010
Monica Castro has asked the Supreme Court to hear an appeal in her suit against the government over the deportation of her daughter, an American citizen.