Moral obligations to be met before we leave Afghanistan…Women and our Afghan allies

Women and the people who have truly cast their lot with us deserve some consideration before we leave Afghanistan, however much we may want to just pack up and go.

Here is a link to an NPR program on women and their current treatment by the Taliban.  Imagine what is likely to happen to them without us there.

Note that education of women, in and of itself, is opposed by the Taliban.  And  we’ve been prating about how we have helped secure educational opportunities for them.  If we leave messily, as we almost certainly will, we will not have lived up to our moral obligation to them.

Then remember the people who did not make it aboard the helicopters picking up evacuees from the roof of the US embassy in Saigon (and remember, there were people all over South Vietnam, not just in Saigon, who had placed themselves and their families in jeopardy if we left without securing their safety).  Some of those people suffered greatly and others did not.  In either case we did not live up to our moral obligation to them, those who escaped retribution did so without our help.

I really would like to see us out of there.  I really would not like to see women and those who have served us suffer for our leaving.  Any suggestions?