A worthy effort off to a bumbling start (?) How amateurism injures nonprofit sector credibility…

The New York Times carries a story this morning that reeks of well-intentioned amateurs (or totally disingenuous jerks) trying to start a national program which, if it could be done successfully, might be a worthy use of tax funds. Oddly enough, as one reads the defensive statements of the spokesperson, one has to notice that the idea of replicating processes of other grant-making government agencies, didn’t seem to occur to the people in charge of this new one, even though the purpose of this fund is to identify effective nonprofit programs that might be successfully replicated.

The people in charge of this program came to it from the nonprofit sector.  Now what they’ve done right out of the box will feed the largely destructive maw of Senator Grassley and do damage to the credibility of nonprofits.  Business men, always quick to offer solutions to nonprofits, will once more suggest the use of more business methods in a sector that can only adopt methods selectively if it is to carry out its mission.