‘SNL’: Jenna Ortega and Fred Armisen remake ‘The Parent Trap’ in hilarious skit

(CNN) In her “Saturday Night Live” debut, Jenna Ortega got a little help from her “Wednesday” co-star and Studio 8H alum Fred Armisen for one of the night’s most memorable skits — a version from the 1998 film “The Parent Trap.”

In the sketch, Ortega directs a remake of the film in the dual roles of Hallie and Annie, played by Lindsay Lohan in the ’90s version, which itself was a remake of a 1961 film starring Hayley Mills.

Bowen Yang plays the director and Armisen plays a crew member named Raymond, who is tasked with replacing the star’s body double. Raymond, however, quickly makes it clear that he’s not exactly cut out to work in front of the camera.

While rehearsing the cabin scene, in which Hallie and Annie are at odds, Raymond ad-libs an inappropriate line that baffles the young star.

Yang tries to pull Raymond away from the improv and move them to the next scene, where Ortega’s character is upset that his photo of Shawn Mendes has been damaged by rogue raindrops from a storm.

“Wow, it’s hot!” Raymond says, adding that he adores “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Lisa Rinna.

“I would let her destroy me,” he says, much to the actress’ discomfort.

Later in the sketch, more laughs are earned when the onscreen twins reveal their parents – Leslie Mann and Ed Helms, in the roles played by Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid, respectively, in the 1998 film.

Raymond quips: “Is it for streaming?”

When the two realize they are twins and kiss, he then asks, “So they just broke us up? Why would they do this to us? We have to kill them.”

That, of course, would probably be a twist more suited to a “Wednesday” plot than a Disney movie.

Prior to this skit, Armisen, who plays Uncle Fester on “Wednesday,” also appeared with Ortega onstage during his monologue.

Ortega, star of the new “Scream VI,” was joined in the episode by musical guest The 1975.

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