Sloan performed with comedian Dave Foley in Calgary: watch

Last fall Canadian greats Sloan released their new album Constant, and they are currently touring Canada and the United States. On Thursday night, Sloan performed at Calgary’s Dickens Pub, where they discussed Children in the room co-founder Dave Foley on stage for the final two encore songs: “Underwhelmed” (from 1992 Coated) and “The Good In Everyone” (from 1996 One agreement to another).

“So there was a serious Canadiana overload last night in Calgary where a Sloan/Kids in the Hall crossover event took place,” the band later wrote on Instagram. “It’s like William Shatner guesting on The Beachcombers or Ian Thomas being on SCTV (which really happened). Last night it was Dave Foley singing Underwhelmed. The bluff we called earlier was Mr. Foley’s request to hear Median Strip, which hadn’t been played since 1994. We did a few stanzas. It was better than I imagined. In return, we challenged Dave to stand up and sing with us and he did and it was beautiful What a great sport Dave is filming the last series of (the amazing) Fargo in Calgary and we have a new album Cheers for the people who are still doing it .

Watch “A Serious Overload of Canadiana” below.

01 “Magic Thinking”
02 “Spend the day”
03 “Who Taught You To Live Like This?”
04 “I dream of sleeping”
05 “Wicked”
06 “Go Go (We’re Gonna Start)”
07 “Shipwreck”
08 “500 more”
09 “Panic on Runnymede”
10 “Follow the Leader”
11 “She Endured What She Put Down”
12 “Just Leave”
13 “Dream It Again”
14 “Good job if you can get it”
15 “Stay Close To Me, Yeah”
16 “Take good care of the poor boy”
17 “Median Strip” (First verse played in response to Dave Foley’s crowd request)
18 “Human Nature”
19 “Scratch the Surface”
20 “close encounters”
22 “Emergency 911”
23 “On the Horizon”
24 “The Other Man”
25 “Everything You Did Wrong”
26 “Keep Your Name Alive”
27 “The Rest of My Life”
28 “Money City Fools”
29 “The Lines You Edit”
30 “Underwhelmed” (With Dave Foley)
31 “The Good in Everyone” (With Dave Foley)

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