Madhuri Dixit’s mother, Snehlata Dixit, dies at 90 | Bollywood

Madhuri Dixit’s mother, Snehlata Dixit, dies at 90 |  Bollywood

Madhuri Dixit’s mother, Snehlata Dixit, has passed away. She was 90 years old. His last rites were reportedly performed in Mumbai on Saturday. Further details on the cause of his death are awaited. Read also : Madhuri Dixit wishes her mother on her 89th birthday

In a joint statement shared by India Today, Madhuri Dixit and her husband Shriram Nene said, “Our beloved Aai (mother), Snehalata passed away peacefully this morning surrounded by her loved ones.”

Madhuri was born in Bombay. She made her acting debut with Abodh in 1984. She married Dr. Sriram Nene in 1999 and they share two sons. Last month, Shriram Nene wrote a nice post about his mother-in-law. He tweeted: “My 90 year old mother in law paints. She has macular degeneration and can’t see very well. But what comes out of his mind is remarkable. She is the most beautiful and positive person in the world. We had his paintings placed on mugs to remind us of his talent.”

In an interview last year, Madhuri, who is the youngest of four siblings, spoke about her mother. The actor said her family never treated her differently even after she became a star. Madhuri said her upbringing was such that she never let fame get to her.

Recounting how her mother Snehlata Dixit’s behavior towards her never changed even after she became a famous and successful actress, Madhuri told ETimes, “I mean, even when I was working in movies, my mother used to scold me if my room was messed up. and things like that. That’s how I was raised. And that’s how I am. When I get home, it’s all back in the studio . I see my kids and I see my husband and it’s just a different life. I’ve never really lost myself.”

Last year in June, Madhuri celebrated her “aai (mother)” Snehlata’s 90th birthday with a series of family photos and a cute Instagram post. In the first photo, Madhuri posed with her mother and her husband Shriram Nene. There was also a solo shot of the late Snehalata. Her caption read, “Happy Birthday Aai! They say a mother is a daughter’s best friend. They couldn’t be right anymore. Of all you’ve done for me, the lessons you’ve taught me have been the greatest gift you have given me. I only wish you good health and happiness!

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