Korean Netizens Talk About TWICE’s “Set Me Free” Ranking In Melon Top 100

Korean netizens are talking about the latest version of TWICE.

On March 10, TWICE came back with “Together Me Free”Set Me Free’ is the title track of their 12th mini album’ready to be‘, and it has a liberating and uplifting message for all listeners, encouraging those who feel bound or held back by unimportant factors in life to break free and love with all their might.

Shortly after the release, “Set Me Free” entered the Melon Top 100 chart at #83.

This has allowed netizens to voice their opinions online in many different online communities, as TWICE is the top girl group in Korea. Some of the comments include:

“I saw the song was not in the top 100 a few hours ago. And this is the first time I see TWICE’s song not in the charts the day after their comeback.”

“I don’t think it’s the quality issue of the song. ‘Talk that Talk’ was really good but it didn’t have any good records either.”

“Well, I liked the song…”

“They only had about 70,000 listeners in the first 24 hours after the release. I think the band lost a fair number of listeners, which means they should put out a really good title track to overcome this issue.”

“I think few people use Melon. Everyone is on Spotify.”

“I think it’s JYP. I can’t remember the last time I liked a song by a JYP artist.”

“It’s only been a day smh Wait until they appear on music shows.”

“I really liked ‘Moonlight Sunrise.’ Why can’t they make this song a title?”

“Maybe people were busy watching baseball and ‘The Glory’.”

“I love how active TWICE is. Please keep releasing music.”

“Well, now that they’ve been in the industry for a while, they can’t top every song. But I love how they keep the band going and keep releasing new music for their fans. Lots of ‘idols don’t. I’m just envious as a K-Pop stan.”

“lol who cares about Melon? No one is streaming on Melon these days.”

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