Jimmy Fallon joins Goose for ‘Mustang Sally’ in Port Chester

Photo by Chris Quinn

Last night Goose played the third of five nights at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY With the beautiful ornate walls of the first rock venue feeling like the band’s home, they went through many remarkable moments throughout night, including the debut of their new song “Lead Up” in the first set and a cover of Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” during the second, but nothing was as entertaining as their encore, which featured a rendition energy of “Mustang Sally” with Late at nightit’s Jimmy Fallon.

The surprise sit-in marked the band’s first performance of the track since January 26, 2022, 91 shows ago, but they’ve never shown such shared jubilation on stage. Rick Mitarotonda beamed as Peter Anspach, Fallon and the Capitol Theater crowd united on the song’s hook, singing together, “All you wanna do is ride around Sally / (Ride, Sally, ride ) / All you wanna do is ride around Sally / (Ride, Sally, ride) / All you wanna do is ride around Sally / (Ride, Sally, ride).

Fallon’s boundless energy bounced back and forth on stage; the mic stands fell off and Goose’s stage crew quickly and deftly handled the rock-and-roll outpouring. The energy of the rolling tilts culminated with Anspach reminding everyone that with his skills on the keys and vocals, he can absolutely rock the guitar.

Goose will perform again tonight at the Capitol Theater tonight. Stream tonight’s show live via FANS.live here.

Watch a pro-shot video of the performance below.

The Capitol Theater – Port Chester, NY
March 10, 2023

Set I: Animal, Flodown, Everything Must Go, The Whales, Turbulence and Night Rays, Lead Up[1]thatch

Series 2: Creatures, Red Bird, In Your Eyes[2]Get up, hot tea

Enc. : Mustang Sally[3]

Sound check: Everything Must Go, In Your Eyes (this soundcheck is incomplete)

Coach Notes:
[1] FTP.
[2] Peter Gabriel.
[3] Wilson Pickett. With Jimmy Fallon on vocals.

Coaches corner: Mustang Sally was performed for the first time since January 26, 2022 (91 shows).

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