‘Goonies’ Star Corey Feldman Supports Ke Huy Quan Ahead of Oscars

Corey Feldman

Ke Huy is coming for this Oscar…

‘Goonies’ never say die!!!

Ke Huy Quan has just about everyone in Hollywood in his corner as he roars towards the Oscars – not to mention his old ‘Goonies’ pals… including one Corey Feldman.

The former child star – who starred alongside Ke in the 1980s classic – said Page 6 that he’ll be supporting KHQ on Sunday, when he watches from home and hopes his former costar can land a win for Best Supporting Actor, for which he’s nominated.

He says: “I see Ke as a winner, he never stopped being one for me… The Goonies are a family. People don’t really realize how deep that blood is, it’s deep.”

Feldman goes on to say that he’s followed Ke over the years and notes that while he may have stepped back from acting for a while…the guy stayed working in showbiz, even if it was sometimes tangentially , and that he had done great things on his own.

Now that Ke Huy is back in the spotlight with his movie “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” Corey is all for it. He says he saw ‘EEAAO’ and knew it was special… adding that he gave Ke some advice which is ‘keep your head up and don’t let them get to you’.

Welp, Ke Huy took that in stride…winning just about everyone with every appearance (and win) at the awards show lately. He also took a ton of selfies along the way, documenting his journey… which most believe will end with a statuette tomorrow.

BTW, other “Goonies” stars wished Ke well along the way – Josh Brolin stepped in through his reps, as did Jeff Cohen (Chunk), Kerri Green and Martha Plimpton.

Hey, guys… Data is (probably) going to win an Oscar!

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