Daniel Kwan once again asks fans to be normal

Photo credit: Getty Images for W Magazine

Daniel Kwan, one half of the Daniels directing duo, once again asks fans of his film, Everything everywhere all at once, be respectful online. Ahead of Sunday’s Oscars, Kwan posted a Twitter thread recounting the film’s journey since its premiere and revealing that he plans to take a social media hiatus after the Oscars. “The last thing I ask of all fans of our movie is to be courteous and kind tomorrow, especially if we don’t win awards you might have thought we deserved,” tweeted Kwan, who tweeted a sentiment. similar to fans in December. , writing. He went on to express his love for “every single movie we face,” before noting, “I already have everything I could ever want, and there’s no need to be mad on our behalf. . Everything everywhere all at once is up for 11 Oscars tomorrow and is expected to handily win Best Picture tomorrow – although, as Kwan writes, “No film deserves to be swept away, no matter how good, and I wholeheartedly support my fellow nominees.” He signs by sending a message to potential enemies: “I’m sorry we ruined the cinema for you forever. Hopefully we can catch up on the next one. Read the full thread below.

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