Carrie Underwood received an all-cheese ‘cake’ for her 40th birthday: ‘I feel understood’

Carrie Underwood smiles on the red carpet;  Carrie Underwood smiles next to her cheesecake posted on her husband's Instagram.

Carrie Underwood received a cheese “cake” for her 40th birthday.Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images; Mike Fisher/Instagram

  • Carrie Underwood yesterday received a ‘cake’ made from ‘about 70 pounds’ of cheese for her 40th birthday.

  • Underwood shared photos of the “cake” with bottles of wine she got on her Instagram Stories.

  • The singer once received a cheese sculpture of herself for a show she did in Wisconsin.

Carrie Underwood has revealed she received an all-cheese ‘cake’ for her 40th birthday yesterday.

The country singer posted two photos of the cheese “cake” to her Instagram Stories.

She posted a photo of the gift, surrounded by bottles of wine, with a caption that read: “A tower of ‘cakes’ made entirely of cheese wheels and a lifetime’s worth of wines from 1983…I feel understood…”

Screenshots of Carrie Underwood and her cheesecake from her Instagram stories.

Underwood shared these photos of the “cake” on his Instagram story.Carrie Underwood/Instagram

She followed this photo with a selfie in front of the cheese, with text reading, “For size context…I believe it’s about 70 pounds of cheese!”

The wheels of cheese were stacked high and adorned with various fruits. A golden “Happy Birthday” decoration stood on top.

Her husband, retired hockey player Mike Fisher, also shared a photo of the gift on his Instagram account.

In the photo, Underwood smiled behind the wine and cheese. Her caption read, “Happy birthday baby!! The boys and I love you so much!!”

Underwood and Fisher have been married since 2010 and have two sons together: Isaiah, 8, and Jake, 4.

Jake and Isaiah wrote her cards which she also posted on her stories.

Screenshots of notes Carrie Underwood's kids wrote from her Instagram stories.

The notes Underwood’s sons wrote for his birthday.Carrie Underwood/Instagram

This isn’t the first time Underwood has received cheese as a gift.

In 2019, the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin presented the “American Idol” winner with a sculpture of herself made entirely of cheese.

She shared a photo of the sculpture on Instagram.

“The @fiservforum outdid themselves tonight! This is me…sculpted out of a 40 pound block of Wisconsin cheese in honor of our show here in Milwaukee! I’m speechless!!! 🧀” read the legend.

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