BTS’s V (Kim Taehyung) Shows Off His Huge Brand Power After His Blind Covers For ELLE Korea’s April Issue Rank No. 1 Best Seller At Multiple Stores

BTS member Kim Taehyungaka V, demonstrates his brand power for his upcoming solo project.

The 11th of March, ELLE Korea rrevealed that Taehyung would be the cover model for their April issue by posting three blind covers. They used the caption “V is coming“, the same line used by Vogue Korea last year.

ELLE Korea also used the hashtag #Celineboyleading to speculation that the project will be linked to the luxury brand CELINE. Taehyung made headlines last year when he attended the CELINE fashion show in Paris after receiving a personal invitation from Hedi Slimane.

After Taehyung’s record vogue korea covers last year, fans are eagerly awaiting his new project. The mystery surrounding them further heightened their excitement.

Following the announcement, Taehyung quickly topped the trends, with “V ARRIVES” And “V FOR HER KOREAtrending #1 and #2 globally on Twitter.

China Baidu V Bar”, Taehyung’s biggest Chinese fan club, also revealed that it purchased a page on all three versions of ELLE Korea’s April issue. The page will feature Taehyung’s photo with a warm message of support from fans.

ELLE Korea has shown its confidence in the power and influence of the Taehyung brand by confidently posting pre-order links with only the blind covers. This is the first time this has been done.

Within hours, Taehyung’s ELLE Korea covers rose to the top of various Korean and Japanese stores.

Some of the stores include:

Taehyung is known for always serving up top visuals, poses, and styles for his photoshoots and fans can’t wait to see what he has in store for them.

Taehyung’s ELLE Korea blankets are currently available for pre-order at various stores around the world.

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