BoA Successfully Hosts ‘The BoA: Musicality’ 20th Anniversary Concert

BoA recently successfully wrapped up their 20th anniversary concert.”The BoA: Musicalitywhich was held at the Olympic Hall on March 11 and 12, bringing together more than 5,500 live fans.

This concert was overwhelmingly passionate as BoA kicks off the concert with seven songs, “Breathe,” “CAMOUFLAGE,” “Copy paste,” “Hurricane Venus,” “Forgive me,” “You eat” And “My name“, as did the opening act of the concert, eliciting enthusiastic responses from fans.

After the opening act, BoA enthusiastically greets his fans, “This year is actually my 23rd birthday. But we haven’t been able to meet for three years because of COVID-19.“Besides that, she’s also joking,”The concept of this concert is just ‘Let’s die together’. It’s a concert without any pity. We performed seven songs as an opener.

Unfortunately, BoA was not at her best during these two days of concert because she had caught a cold. BoA also jokingly communicated with his fans about it, “The cold wouldn’t go away. I had it a month ago but couldn’t get better. I kept rehearsing for a month. It’s really not a cure. But for some reason, I think he’ll recover tomorrow.

Check out some of the photos from his concert below!

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