Advice you didn’t seek does exactly what it says:  It offers my opinions, observations, recommendations to policymakers across a broad range as well as, more narrowly, ideas about charitable fundraising, an area in which I have worked as either a development officer or consultant for over 40 years.

Did I mention I'm a grandfather?
Did I mention I’m a grandfather?

Comments are welcome although those that are obscene or exceptionally profane will be deleted, without regard to quality.  If a reader has a good comment, he or she can make it in an acceptable way.  As necessary, this page will carry updates of a largely administrative character about the blog.

This blog is new to me.  Thus it has had many themes in a blog-life that went public in late April 2010 (but didn’t have any posts for some time).  Fiddling with it is likely to go on for a while, until I get things the way I want them, if I ever do.  Just don’t be surprised by these changes.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the recent look see. You’ve been quite quiet lately, Summer Time Blues? Hot down here in MD, Just checked your weather, your about 20 degrees cooler than us right now. About to purchase tickets for Army-Air Force 11/5. Should be much cooler come then. Semper Fi


      1. So sorry for your loss. We, us aging ones, seem to get a lot of that at our ages my friend. We will be off to see my sister in CT this weekend who is not doing well. Sometimes it’s difficult keeping that positive attitude, climb that hill one step at a time. There is a new sunrise every morning for us to cherish.

        Semper fi Steve

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    1. Clearly I was not paying attention when my parents named me or I would have suggested several changes. Still, it has gotten me to dinner for a life time so what’s in a name? Somebody else asked about that, didn’t he? Best wishes, Steve (as most people call me).


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