5 Upcoming Movies Chris Evans’ Cap Could Return In

5 Upcoming Movies Chris Evans’ Cap Could Return In

Where could Chris Evans potentially make a return as Steve Rogers/Captain America in the Multiverse Saga’s upcoming MCU movie slate?

Evans hasn’t been seen in the MCU since his highly emotional exit from the franchise in 2019 Avengers: Endgame, where he traveled back in time to live out a life with Peggy Carter before passing mantle and shield to Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson. But with the actor being one of the mainstays that built the MCU from the ground up, questions still arise as to whether he could reprise the role.

In a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Mackie indicated that Evans’ former Captain America is still alive in the MCU, despite being well past his 100th birthday canonically:

Kimmel: “Old Cap is okay, then? Old Cap is alive?”

Mackie: “Yeah! I think so! I didn’t see him die! I don’t know, I saw Chris two weeks ago, and he looked pretty good.”

There’s also the sheer fact that the MCU is in the multiverse saga, with potential variations of Steve Rogers realistically waiting for the right opportunity in history to step forward and help the Avengers once again.

That being said, here are the five films that have at least a slim chance of including Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers/Captain America, the films ordered from most to least likely to feature Evans.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to insinuate that Chris Evans will reprise Anthony Mackie’s role as Captain America, but rather to speculate on which films Evans’ Steve Rogers might logically make an appearance in.

1.) Captain America: New World Order

Chief, Sam Wilson, Red Hulk
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Anthony Mackie will officially get his first solo MCU movie with Captain America: New World Order after taking up the torch from Captain America in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. With this being his first major film as the Star-Spangled Avenger, as well as his first film since Avengers: Endgamea Chris Evans cameo might be a natural fit for this sequel.

Captain America 4 would most likely include Evans in a short while for Steve Rogers to find Sam Wilson for advice or comfort, especially with old villains like the Chief and Thunderbolt Ross in his path. Additionally, rumors have teased that Sebastian Stan could be in line for a return as Bucky Barnes, which could facilitate a reunion between the three heroes.

Of all the movie options Evans could return to, Captain America 4 would be the easiest route to a return with old Steve Rogers imparting his wisdom to the new leader of the Avengers.

2.) Avengers: Secret Wars

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Marvel Studios is looking to make Avengers: Secret Wars the biggest comic book event in history, with rumors pointing to a sequel bringing in heroes and villains from all corners of the multiverse. But while fans will mostly focus on non-MCU heroes joining Marvel Studios’ story, seeing Chris Evans return as Captain America here could have just as big of an impact.

The sixth avengers the film will almost certainly adapt from the Secret Wars Marvel Comics storyline, in which two different universes collide before being entirely destroyed. There’s also the introduction of Battleworld, which features multiple variations of countless characters from across the multiverse, introducing a perfect avenue for Evans to make a return.

This film would most likely include an alternate universe variant of Evans’ Captain America rather than the old Earth-616 one, giving him a chance to get back in action for one last time. And that’s not even taking into account the fact that he could reprise his role as the Human Torch from his The Fantastic Four movies too, although nothing says he can’t do both.

3.) Avengers: Kang Dynasty

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Jonathan Majors’ Kang the Conqueror is about to unleash hell on the Avengers in Avengers: Kang Dynasty, using a number of its variants across the multiverse in order to rule all of time and space. It will unquestionably bring back Sam Wilson’s Captain America, as has been teased in the rumours, although there might be a small window for Steve Rogers to appear as well.

It would most likely be a smaller role for Evans in the same vein as what was mentioned for Captain America 4, with Steve Rogers offering advice and leadership to Sam Wilson and the Avengers for a while. There’s also a slight chance that a multiversal Steve Rogers could come into play from another dimension, but that idea would be more plausible for avengers 6 that avengers 5.

It would also give credits to Evans in the five avengers movies to date, which would make him one of the few MCU stars to boast that status based on stars like Mark Ruffalo (Hulk) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor). And while this film will certainly focus more on the new generation of Avengers, an appearance by Steve Rogers would make for quite an impactful moment in the story.

4.) Deadpool 3

Avengers, Deadpool
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Dead Pool 3 will change the game for the MCU in 2024, becoming the first Marvel Studios film in which the multiverse will truly be “crack open” and make its impact felt across the franchise. And while Chris Evans might not be the first choice fans think of when imagining who might appear in this trio, there is one key connection that could possibly bring the MCU veteran on the adventure for a while at alongside Wade Wilson and Wolverine.

Dead Pool 3 It’s rumored to be touring other Marvel franchises formerly under the 20th Century Fox umbrella, specifically mentioning Evans’ Fantastic Four team as one of the franchises that will be explored. Evans would reunite with Ioan Gruffudd (Mr. Fantastic), Jessica Alba (Sue Storm) and Michael Chiklis (The Thing) if this rumor comes true, thus getting the opportunity to use his own comedic nature alongside Deadpool who will surely be the one of the funniest characters in the MCU.

There are also real possibilities that Evans could appear as a variant multiversal cap from another universe or also the Earth-616 cap, should Wade decide to seek out someone who is known as one of the greatest heroes. of this universe. And with Marvel looking to make a splash for Deadpool’s introduction to the MCU, a Captain America cameo could be an unforgettable Merc with a Mouth moment, especially after Evans once did a similar stunt in Ryan Reynolds. free guy in 2021.

5.) Love at first sight

Red Guardian, John Walker, Yelena Belva
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Love at first sight will bring together a unique team of heroes and former villains in a film that will serve as the big team outing of Phase 5, potentially also acting as the final film of the Phase. And while this film is arguably the least likely Chris Evans could return to, one character could pave the way for his inclusion – James Buchanan Barnes.

Bucky is ready to serve as “de facto leader” for the Thunderbolts, according to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, putting him in a position that Steve Rogers typically holds with the Avengers. And given that Bucky and Steve are still so close, even though Bucky may not know his old friend’s whereabouts just yet, the Winter Soldier can turn to the former Captain America for advice. in his new leadership position.

This role would likely just be a cameo of some sort, almost certainly using the old Cap with the multiverse almost certainly not playing a part in the Love at first sight plot. And since this is one of the last films of Phase 5, if not the last overall, an inclusion of Steve Rogers may make the film feel like even more of something big to close out a new one. list of exciting adventures.

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