How important is one senator’s voting in the Senate? Most of the time, not at all!

I hate to find myself defending Marco Rubio.  I don’t want him to become president and I would be happy to see Florida elect a better senator, which wouldn’t be difficult.

Still, this stuff about needing to vote if one holds a voting seat in either house is as close as one can get to perfect nonsense.  Most vote outcomes are pre-determined.  Running to the floor to vote, unless your vote is required for the planned outcome, is showmanship, not legislating.  And senators know in advance whether their votes matter in all but the most closely contested issues; the leadership will ensure that they know if and when they are needed.

Marco Rubio is running for higher office.  On the outside chance that his vote would affect an important issue, he would be there to vote.  When it doesn’t, i.e. most of the time, he isn’t.  That speaks for his not being stupid enough to be chained to an inconsequential, mostly ceremonial, matter.

He’s on the wrong side of nearly all the issues I care about but I take comfort in his not being stupid enough to do more than the absolute minimum of the foolish things required of office holders.  On what I hope is the outside chance that he should become president, not being stupid is a plus for me.  In the current crop of GOP contenders there are too few in the “not stupid” category.

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