On Citizenship And Responsibility

From my friend Terry Bonner’s blog…well stated.


170592-Judgment-at-Nuremberg-PostersLast night I watched JUDGEMENT AT NUREMBERG. I recognize that it is considered politically incorrect to say such things these days (Damn Godwin’s Law!), but throughout the entire film I couldn’t help thinking of the apologia offered up by the German people after the War. “We stayed silent because we were afraid and because we didn’t really know.”

It sounds so familiar. Too familiar. Day after day we are witnesses to the indecencies wrought by extremists, the controversies manufactured by extremists to instill fear in the general population, the scapegoating demanded by extremists to further their consolidation of power. We are told that Muslims seek to impose sharia law on Tennessee towns; that Illegal Aliens are taking our jobs, our social security, our votes; that Gays want to convert our children to their lifestyle; that Blacks are robbing our federal coffers through a “cult of victimization; that Women want…

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