On The Fiftieth Anniversary Of The Kennedy Assassination

My friend Terry Bonner added an historical perspective to the 50th Anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination ruminations that goes beyond the last 50 years. It is worth your attention.


As today’s commemoration draws to a close, it is perhaps appropriate to spend a moment reflecting on the nature of time itself. For those of us of a more mature vintage, the events of fifty years ago in Dallas remain indelibly imprinted on our souls. They are integral to the age we inhabit and the meaning which our generation offers to the random succession of chronological occurrences which form our identity. There can be no divorce of Dallas from our destiny. It is the natural course of things.
But consider this. For a man or woman over fifty-five in 1963, the world of November 22, 1913 looked very different indeed. Our grandparents could remember a time when the United States was only a regional power on the cusp of emergence. Woodrow Wilson, the first Southerner to become President since the Civil War, was still in his first term and on…

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