Call the White House TODAY about the Patriot Act extensions…

Call 202-456-1111 between 9:00 and 5:00ET and ask to speak to someone working on renewal of the Patriot Act.  If the line is busy, please keep trying.  When you speak to someone, urge them to have the president veto the provisions coming to him and to take additional steps to revise the act in light of ten years of experience to restore rights the Act usurped in the first heat of 9/11.  Whatever modifications in procedures may be needed to confront our enemies, ten years experience is enough to allow for the crafting of something more fitting and more like a scalpel than the axe that the current Patriot Act is as used against enemies and citizens.  Ask the person to use the Bill of Rights as a guide for new legislation.

3 thoughts on “Call the White House TODAY about the Patriot Act extensions…

    1. I certainly agree that the Patriot Act is political but our system is political, something I like sometimes and not others.

      I can’t agree that our government should have all the tools it needs to fight terrorism, not because I want it shackled but because who defines “all the tools” is political, bureaucratic and confronts head-on some of our basic constitutional rights. I really believe the 4th amendment is very important; I don’t want an FBI agent to decide whether or not to get a warrant to conduct a search, especially if his choice is not to get one and do what he wants to do. I see the constitution, especially the bill of rights as a deliberate limitation on the power of our government over the people and I believe in the wisdom of that.

      I do believe that a patriot act could be written that really updated then (2001) existing powers of the government while staying close to the constitutional protection of citizens. I don’t think the basic act written in October 2001 was a seriously considered document but that it and revisions have largely simply allowed law enforcement agencies to have powers from their “wish lists,” as much for convenience purposes as for genuine need for them.


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