Who’s supporting Orwell these days?…‘Perfect Citizen’: Congress’ Perfect Failure–Cato commentary

The Cato Institute, an organization whose positions I can sometimes support and other times must reject, seem to have nailed it in this piece.  Cato lays the blame for our national security monstrosity and providing life to goofy intrusions on citizens at the feet of Congress.  These are the people who often have to confess that they have not read the legislation on which they will vote yea or nay.  My eyes go out of focus on hearing this come from an elected representative without an apology for not having read it or an explanation of how both sides are working to pare down bills to some readable size.  I never hear either one.

I understand that “delegation” is an important part of good managerial practice but Congress seems to have delegated to its staff and the beneficiary national security agencies all responsibility.  “Supervision” is as important a managerial practice as “delegation” and Congress fails to do it.

‘Perfect Citizen’: Congress’ Perfect Failure.

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