Rangel points his finger in defense, quite rightly…

Charlie Rangel makes a good point at the expense of some of those who would love to see him gone.  His solicitation of gifts for a Rangel Center at City College and his earmarking funds for it is done by others in Congress and has been for years.  Suddenly, when Rangel does it, it is alleged to be unethical despite any showing that the people and organizations that responded to his solicitation received special treatment from him.

You don’t, or shouldn’t, change the rules in the middle of the game and say nothing about it until someone breaks the new one.


2 thoughts on “Rangel points his finger in defense, quite rightly…

  1. Rangel is being selectively defensive. He s to be adminished for his blatent misuse of other campaign funds; i.e., accepting donors’ gifts of property in Harlem and Dominican Republic. I don’t care if he is using 3or 4 apartments for campaign headquarters, it is still unethical!


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