Obama’s not having called or met with BP since the spill began…and media influence

The media is making much of Obama’s not having spoken to or met with the CEO of BP since the spill began.  This troubles me, as many other examples of similar media concerns do because it suggests that when one becomes an important reporter or editor, one abandons one’s critical intelligence and seeks to find a story where there really is none or only a news clip.

What is Obama to do or say in his meeting today with the CEO (who, personally,  may or may not have had anything to do with the spill)?  BP shares Obama’s urgent need to stop the spill and those who write as if it did not at least border on lunacy.  This spill is not acceptable or good for BP and bad for the US, it is tragic for both.

Should Obama “kick his ass?”  Will this slow or stop the flow from the spill?  I can’t see how but if it will, I recommend something set up in the Rose Garden for the cameras to capture.  Presumably that will stop criticism from those who want him to “kick someone’s ass” although, realistically, I doubt it, since one of those was the House minority leader who sees his job as one of being a critic of the other party.

I don’t blame the minority leader for this foolishness, I blame the media for doing more than just carrying his comments and moving on.  Essentially, I blame the media for fostering a lack of critical intelligence in the public and that, I think is a very serious abuse of its freedom which I support.  Repetition of foolishness doesn’t make it less foolish and to whatever extent it is repeated, it hurts the body politic.

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