Kool-Aid to make you well—no trick!

“…the government can’t fix everything.  Children, adults, and politicians PLEASE drink the Kool-Aid on this statement!”

Micah Caswell, at http://micahcaswell.com/2010/06/08/lead-obama/#comment-431, makes a number of points about Obama and the spill, entitling his post “LEAD Obama”.  I agree with many of his main points but find myself at odds with some of his views interspersed in his commentary on them.  But the one above looks to be a recurring theme in this blog and he gave me his permission to use it.

It’s not hard for readers to see that, within the Constitution and laws, I am usually comfortable with the idea of a big activist government.  I am equally or more uncomfortable with empty symbolism.  And more than either, I am at ease with the limitations on government.  I think it is very important for our civic culture to realize that a dictator employing the full force of the country with utter ruthlessness,  would find many things he or she could not accomplish because they are beyond immediate human control.

We have come to look to the government for solutions that it does not and often cannot have and to do it almost automatically.  “The government should do something” has gone from being an option for dealing with things we face to being a premise for our discourse and that premise is often false.

One thought on “Kool-Aid to make you well—no trick!

  1. I can’t think of much that Obama could do that he isn’t doing in this situation. Taking over BP’s operations in the Gulf would clearly be counter-productive. People want him to “lead” in an area where the government does not have the technical expertise to do the job right, so he is, I think wisely, not blundering in. However, he is letting BP know that they can’t get away scot-free on this event.
    Obama has done, I think, very very well given the context. And frankly, I can’t think of any president who has stepped into the middle of two wars, a regulatory system that had systematically been stripped over 8 years, the aftermath of the worst US terrorist attack since Pearl Harbor, a series of national policies (including torture and state-sanctioned kidnapping and murder) that had made us international pariahs, and an economic collapse unrivalled since the Great Depression. That’s not “context.” That’s carnage. He’s done quite well.


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