Obama Administration Pursuing Bush and Obama-era National Security News Leaks…

If there is a single most important area of disappointment for me about the Obama administration it is the area of civil liberties.  I had expected a reduction in government intrusion and secret actions, especially, but not only, here at home.  Not only has that not been the case, as the link points out, the administration is going back to Bush-era cases and pursuing them.  I echo the amazement of the writer at this coming from someone who wants to put other prosecutions, notably  for torture, behind us.  Good thing he can at most serve two terms, otherwise, with more time, he might work his way back to the Wilson era.

One of my enthusiasms is the national security reporting of Siobhan Gorman at the Wall Street Journal.  I have a Google Alert to discover her work and references to it or her.  I’ve picked up a number of other sources that have proved valuable and much thoughtful comment.  One of those was in today’s alert:


If national security, civil liberties and the contrast between campaign rhetoric and behavior in office are of interest to you, have a look.  Also, follow Siobhan Gorman’s writing.

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